I am a textile designer and artist, and was educated in Denmark (Håndarbejdets Fremmes Seminarium) and the UK (Saint Martins College of Art and Design). I have created textiles and design concepts for various fashion houses sold around the world. For fifteen years I taught textile design and printing at what is now BEC Design College in Copenhagen. Before then I lived for several years in Polynesia and Tanzania working with textile printing and painting.

As an artist I work within many different fields: painting, engraving, collage and textiles.

If you are interested in any of the works in my Portfolio you can contact me by phone or e-mail mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Please, be patient when opening the Portfolio pages. They are large and may take a bit of time to show up.


The frames I have used are important to the work of art it contains, and I put a lot of thought into matching the two. The frames are old or antique and often difficult to find in spite of the fact that I enjoy a good “treasure hunt”! When found they are not necessarily bargains. Beautiful old frames are extremely valuable. The frames I am looking for are first and foremost those made with good craftsmanship. The hand-made frames increase their beauty over time. Their “ups and downs” or the maids’ dusting has left their marks and has become the patina we in our modern world treasure as fingerprints of forgotten times.


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